Project Description

In recent years, the data processing system domain has evolved for a wide variety of resource and job characteristics. However, it is hard to evolve current data processing systems to adapt to applications with new resources and job characteristics. To address this problem, we build a flexible and extensible data processing system, and design various instantiation policies for the system.

Nemo is a data processing system for flexible employment with different execution scenarios for various deployment characteristics on clusters. They include processing data on specific resource environments, like on transient resources, and running jobs with specific attributes, like skewed data. Nemo decouples the logical notion of data processing applications from runtime behaviors and express them on separate layers using the Nemo IR. Specifically, through a set of high-level graph pass interfaces, Nemo exposes runtime behaviors to be flexibly configured and modified at both compile-time and runtime, and the Nemo Runtime executes the Nemo IR with its modular and extensible design.
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Datacenters are under-utilized, primarily due to unused resources on over-provisioned nodes of latency-critical jobs. Such idle resources can be used to run batch data analytic jobs to increase datacenter utilization, but these transient resources must be evicted whenever latency-critical jobs require them again. To solve this problem, we focus on observing the job structure and the relationships between computations of the job. We carefully mark the computations that are most likely to cause a large number of recomputations upon evictions, to run them reliably using eviction-free reserved resources. This lets us retain corresponding intermediate results effortlessly without any additional checkpointing. We design Pado, a general data processing engine, which carries out our idea with several optimizations that minimize the number of additional reserved nodes.

Youngseok Yang, Geon-Woo Kim, Won Wook Song, Yunseong Lee, Andrew Chung, Zhengping Qian, Brian Cho, Byung-Gon Chun. Pado: A Data Processing Engine for Harnessing Transient Resources in Datacenters, EuroSys, 2017.